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MONTESSORI THE GREAT LESSONS : The Upper Paleolithic Period

 The Coming of Humans

The Upper Paleolithic Period

 A new man appeared called the 
Homo Sapiens ("wise man") the first man
 to have the same appearance as the man
of today. He lived in caved and decorated
some with beautiful wall paintings.

 The objects he used were greatly
improved - hand axes, stone knives,
scrapers and needles have been 
found. The women began to dedicate
 themselves to domestic duties and to
 adorn themselves with necklaces. The 
cultivation of grains was also begun.

Inter Glacial Period of Wurm-Buhl

Human Remains

 The human remains tell that now
there is as a man similar to us
called "Homo Sapiens".


Scrapers, knives, awls, burins, instruments
of bone, spearheads attached to handles.Men
added fine work which became truly artistic,
such as the beautiful spearhead called
 "Laurel Leaf." Men became very artistic and 
made beautiful paintings on the cave walls.
 They also wore personal ornaments.They 
were united to tribes and had a religion
 headed by a sorcerer. 

During this epoch, "Homo Sapiens" 
inhabited all of the continents. During this 
time, the different races developed, perhaps
 as a result of the diversity of climate.Toward
 the end of this period, women devoted 
themselves to domestic duties and men to 
hunting and to fishing. The dead were buried
 with funeral gifts. It is evident that progress 
during this period was enormous and men 
were divided into diverse cultures.


 Always caves


Horses, bison, mammoth, reindeer 


The same as the preceding period.
Man learned to recognize many wild
plants and, little by little, learned
to use them as food.  

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The Coming of Humans